Hi Mama, I'm Hayley Benjamin, owner of Holistic HypnoBirthing®. I am passionate about birth, pregnancy health, and mental and physical well being. I truly believe that birth is about more than just labor and delivery, but rather about your journey from conception, to birth, to post-partum and beyond. Holistic  HypnoBirthing® focuses on your mind, body, and spirit during this incredible time and teaches you how to relax during birth and work WITH your body and your body's natural hormones to to release fear, tension and anxiety and have a more comfortable, calm and empowered birth! I personally had a beautiful and successful natural birth all thanks to HypnoBirthing®. My HypnoBirthing® experience allowed me to have peaceful and fearless birth of my daughter Ava, and I am so grateful for the amazing set of techniques I have learned from HypnoBirthing® (the Marie Mongan method) that have transcended into my parenting and my lifestyle!  I am certain that HypnoBirthing® will positively effect your birth experience, as well as your partners experience. I am so passionate about these techniques and I can't wait to meet and teach you how to tap in to your body's innate ability and help you to manifest the gentle, relaxed and informed birth experience you are dreaming of!