Not only will you receive a life long set of deep relaxation and mindfulness tools, but you will also gain the knowledge of how your body, baby and mind work during birth and how you can work WITH them to have the birth you desire! 

On top of the 5 weekly (2-2.5 hour classes), you and your birth companion will also recieve

  • A personal hard copy of the HypnoBirthing– The Mongan Method textbook 

  • The rainbow relaxation track which is the pillar of the hypnobirthing techniques

  • A positive birth affirmations track 

  • 5 weekly (2-2.5 hour) classes. These classes will help you to learn about your body, the birthing process, relaxation techniques, and more

  • Access to direct contact with me for questions and concerns regarding HypnoBirthing and your preparation during your pregnancy 

  • A like-minded group of other parents with similar due dates and birth plans to build support and friendship with.

  • Several HypnoBirthing scripts for your home practice

  • Relaxation Birth Prompts for your birth support person 

  • Breathing techniques, deep relaxation techniques, laboring poses and positions, coping mechanisms and more to use during pregnancy and during birth. 

  • Physical excercises and tips to prepare the body for birth 

  • A "birth-plan" script to prepare and customize based on your needs and desires for your birth. (A portion of class will dedicated to learning about your options during labor as well as the first few hours of your baby's life)



When you register for the HypnoBirthing® course, not only are you investing in the birth of your baby, but you are investing in a life long practice of tapping in to inner peace, relaxation, and calmness, as well as learning to control your thoughts and emotions and fuel your mind with confidence and positivity! HypnoBirthing® is not only for birth, but transcends into parenthood and beyond! The 5 week course, including all materials and information listed above is $295. (cost covers tuition for the mother and one labor support person)